Friendly Zimbabwean In UK

United Kingdom is home to half a million Zimbabweans. The 500,000 figure is unofficial but that is about the numbers. About 7000 + immigrated to UK in 1971 and kept moving in afterwards. 16000 + were moved till 1981 and numbers increased and went to more 20000 in early 90’s now after about 2 decades the population of Zimbabweans is from 200,000 to 600,000.They are in all big cities of UK although it has been observed that most are in London & Leicester then 2nd high population is in Leeds, Liverpool & Luton and there are many  in Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Coventry, Glasgow, Edinburgh ,Bristol & more.

There are two reasons Zimbabweans live in diasporas  they migrated to neighbouring countries and also in big numbers to UK. 1st the political disaster which made people look for asylum in big numbers  and 2ndemployment opportunities in Britain which attracted teachers, doctors and paramedical staff from Zimbabwe.

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The illegal immigrants had to face all unbearable situations, they struggled, it was difficult for them to get work at 1st place & if employed they were over burdened with work. Those working times were at least 12 hours a day and pay was in peanuts.  Those working routines used to get  worst when they had to travel more than 1 hour to reach at work and 1 hour for going back home 14 hours of  hardship  & most of them found their-selves all alone at home where they used to lay down and stare at the English ceiling, in the beginning no friends, no relatives except those expensive phones call they could make to share their emotions with love ones.

They were brutalised by the civilised world .Living was terrible in cold UK I bet many complained and many complained to God as good flexible laws were only for Britain’s, E.U nationals or British born. Many regretted after migration as the land was surprisingly hostile place because of laws but yet it was safer for them. Then they started learning things faster and learnt what to do to stay here, many applied asylum and got approved, many got married and etc.

 There are 3 to 4 million Zimbabweans living out of the Land locked beloved country. They are flexible and fast learners “ They speak Chinese in China, French in France  & in Rome they live like Romans. Zimbabwean born people adjusted well and now the British-born Zimbabwean are good hands in the economic and culture of UK’s metropolitans.

Zimbabweans have good family traditions which kept them unite till today and I hope the unity will stay among them. This united community is also very much into the religion and religious event have big number of Zimbabweans. Their churches in UK flourished and since, many new born are joining them which is good sign. They are indulge in many charity works for their countrymen and diasporas.

Zimbabweans in UK are good addition and earned reputation with their good deeds. I being in Travel industry at found that they are loyal friends and customers. If you deal with them with kindness and faithfully they stay your customers and recommend people like friends. They are community of cousins and close friends & If you annoy one of them rest will know!!!! Make them friends and you will find the whole community as your friend.

     Thanks                                                                                                                        Travelbeeps

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